Zeiss 35mm & 85 Prime lens
Nikkor 28-70mm Wide Angle Zoom
Canon 1.2 50MM FD Prime Lens
Sony 16mm Pancake Lens
Sony 18mm to 200mm Zoom Lens
Sony 2.8 Fisheye Conversion Lens
Bartech Wireless Follow Focus19mm and 15mm support
Genus Mattebox KitGenus 4.5×5.5 IR CUT +ND Filter set .9, 1.2, & 1.5  (Variety of ND, ND Grads, Tru-Pol Polarizer, etc.)

Panasonic HDX900                   
High Definition 24p, 30p, 60i / 1080i and 720p switchable
Canon HJ-11                              
4.7 x 11 High Def Wide Angle w/2X extender 
Canon T2i
Nikon 5100
Sony FS100
GoPro Hero 3 “Black Edition”
GoPro Hero 2   

 Records XDCAM MXF and .MOV files (4) 64GB CF Cards
 PIX 240 RecorderRecords DNXHD and ProRes files direct from the EPIC / 256GB Solid state hard drive
JVC XDCAM 700U                    
Records in 1080 XDCAM onto SDHC Cards  
Gyro stabilized remote Heli with full camera control
Steadicam Zephyr
Rated for up to 24lbs. Hard mount for hands free Segway with turf tires
Jib/Crane  CamMate System 2000
8′ to 43′ fully remote jib w/dutch head, Tripod dolly or Western dolly (Our CamMate travels completely assembled in our 28′ grip trailer)
Porta Jib                                  
54″ Jib mounts on 100mm Tripod w/Dolly for maneuverability.
Broadcast TelePrompter
15″ High Bright outdoor LCD field prompter with Script Q software. Viewable in direct sunlight and can be mounted to the CamMate.
CamTram Dolly

Includes Time Lapse Motor and controller
Table Top Dolly
Includes Laser alignment system
Panasonic BT-LH1700W 
17″ High Definition / HDSDI Widescreen Multi-Format LCD

Marshall 7” LCD              
7″ HD HighBright HDSDI w/hoodman
Marshall 10″ HD LCD                
10″ HD SDI field monitor

Optitek Wireless HD 9” Monitor                   
1080 HD wireless monitor system with transmitter HDMI

Audio Package
 (1) Sounddevices 788T multi-track recorder with CL-8 mixer
(1) Lectrosonics D4 Wireless Transmitter / Receiver 4 Audio Channel System
(2) Lectrosonics UM 400 transmitters
(2) Lectrosonics 411a receivers
(1) Lectrosonics SRa Receiver (block 19)
(2) Lectrosonics SMQV Transmitters (block 19)
(2) Comteks (216 mghz)
(2) Sanken Cos-11 lavaliere microphones
(5) Countrymen B3 lavaliere microphones
(2) PSC Millimic lavaliere microphones
(2) Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphones
(1) MKH 50 Sennheiser short shotgun
(1) K-tek 13’ boom poles
(1) K-tek 15’ boom pole
(1) K-tek 8’ boom pole
(1) Rode blimp with mount 
(1) PEGZ-3 Bag
(1) PEGZ-2 Bag
(1) Denecke Smart Slate
Grip & Lighting
KINO-Lights                             (10) 6 Bank / Daylight 
KINO-lights                              (4) 4 Bank / Daylight output 
KINO-lights                              (2) 2 Bank / Daylight output 
HMI Lighting                       
(2) 1200 watt fresnels
(2) 800 Watt Booster PARS 
LED Lighting
(6) LED Light panels  AC/DC
LED Fresnels 
Daylight 5600k LED Fresnels (1000 Watt)
Tungsten Lighting   
Desisti (4) 650 watt fresnel kit with Chimera banks
Arri, LTM, and Lowel                
Complete kit with 650 fresnels, 1K pars, 300 fresnels, 150 Fresnels / Chimera banks
Source Four                             
(2) 575 watt High Intensity Junior Zoom Ellipsoidal Spotlights
Honda EU2000i Honda 3000 watt generatorFog machine1500 Watt Fog Machine with wireless remote Haze Machine1500 D2 Haze Machine 
 Grip Trailer             
Our 26 ft. Grip hauler is loaded with a variety of grip equipment.
Grip Equipment
Matthews 8×8 and 6×6 frames,Silks, Solids, Green Screen, Variety of C-Stands, 4×4 floppies, Combo stands double risers, Beefy Baby Stands, Sr. Roller double risers, Track Dolly, Maffer and Pelican clamps, Grip heads, Foam core holder, Stingers, Flags and Nets, 4×4 Gold and Silver Shiny boards, Apple boxes, Gels, Diffusion, Cine Saddle, Ladder, Sound blankets and Equipment carts.